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Prism Coaching

Your success is our success. Prism Coaching is a full service coaching provider that offers comprehensive support. We aim to provide holistic development across a variety of domains, including:

Personal Development

Goal Setting and Achievement

Career Coaching, Job Transition, and Skills Development

Relationships and Communication

Time Management and Productivity


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Why Prism Coaching?

Because coaching changes your life. People who hire a coach are more satisfied with their lives. They have lower stress, better coping mechanisms, and improved work-life balance. Who doesn't want that?

Employers benefit too, because 70% of employees who receive professional coaching improve work performance. Employees are more engaged, retention is higher, and job satisfaction increases.

Leaders who hire a coach are significantly more likely to meet goals. Their teams are stronger performing, and they are assessed higher in critical leadership skills.

And 72% of coaching clients report better communication skills after being coached.

These results are possible because coaching is a guided process that helps you not just survive, but thrive. At Prism Coaching, we provide you the tools and resources to examine your thinking and enact positive change in your home, school, or work. We use evidence-based coaching techniques to build upon your strengths and improve confidence and self-efficacy. All of our personal coaching is individualized to reflect your unique challenges and maximize your strengths.

If you have a big change coming up, long-term stress, or maybe you'd like to achieve an elusive milestone, you'll benefit from coaching.  Even if you don't think you need coaching now, you'll still gain valuable insights into yourself to be better prepared for the future.

 We honor the spectrum of human diversity and value inclusivity.

Change is hard, but you're not alone. Together we can achieve more.

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